How we do things

Every topic is subject to refinement and is purposed to provide you with a hands-on understanding of how WellPress works for you. Find the formalised version of these points in the Service Level Agreement section.

How do we onboard new sites?

Ideally, provide as much details as possible via our contact form. All information is transferred in a secure way. We will respond to you within two business days to discuss further details.

On a new site, we will provide you with an administrative user login and you can take it from there. On a migrated site, your access credentials won’t have changed, and you can pick up where you left off.

We send out the first invoice after 30 days, until then you have time to try our services and move back if you are in any way not satisfied.

What is included in the hosting package?

This list should give you an idea of the scope of our work.

  • Configure stage and production environment on a new server instance
  • Register a domain name or migrate an existing domain name
  • DNS configuration and management
  • Setup site monitoring
  • Setup database and file backup
  • Install theme, setup empty child theme
  • Purchase and install premium plugins
  • Setup site statistics
  • Communicate with old providers for easy migration, and close old accounts
  • Troubleshoot any problems

What is not part of the hosting service?

These examples should provide an idea of what is out of the scope of our hosting service.

  • Customization to a theme or functionality
  • Setup custom post types or custom fields
  • Content posts or page updates
  • Configure and setup plugins beyond their initial functionality

What is the ownership situation for a domain, site content, intellectual property, and premium licenses?

We can manage both the configuration of existing domains, and registration of new ones. New registrations are available as an additional service. Registrations will be completed by the whyservices oü entity, and the domain is registered with the ownership information of the client. The client owns the site fully, the assets, files, and intellectual property. Any licenses that have been provided by us are not transferable. When the client moves the site to another host, we provide all the necessary information on how to obtain and activate such licenses.

How does the stage environment work?

Parallel to the production site we automatically create a site under "". This is initially a clone of the production site, including the theme, plugins and any uploads. Access is protected by username and password as to avoid having the public or web indexers access it. After the initial setup, synchronization can be provided through the support channels.

The staging site is not backed up.

How do you deploy themes, plugins, and other code?

You can add your own choice of themes and plugins. We will help troubleshoot third-party themes and plugins that are not on our premium list on a best-effort basis.

We can also offer a CI/CD pipeline in case you are coding themes or plugins yourself. By default, the content of the staging environment is overwritten during a WordPress update cycle.

Pipelines can automatically build and deploy code changes to the stage environment for testing. Deploy to production sites is done manually, but can be automated if there is a demand.

How are backups done?

Backups are done in two ways: We run a custom backup routine with the help of Restic every night between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am UCT. The backup consists of a current database dump and the full WordPress folder containing the complete installation. The whole server instance is backed up once every day by the data centre.

In the case of need, backups can be reapplied to any given point in time as part of the contract’s troubleshooting service, free of extra charge. It is our responsibility and as for other technical troubleshooting we do not charge extra.

How is support organized?

The phone, email or contact form can be used to contact us. We use a simple ticket system in the backend to keep track of any support issues or site requests.

How are invoicing and payments done?

We bill accounts on an annual basis. Invoices are payable via IBAN/Swift bank transfer. Billing details can be provided through email or the contact form.

Invoices are sent out at the beginning of the next billing period, with a reminder being sent out around two weeks prior.

What else is important?

Hosting plans include all the necessary traffic and storage for your site. From the outset, we do not restrict our clients as our experience shows that our clients’ needs have fit our resources and typical plan’s budget. In the case you exceed common usage patterns, we will discuss this with you and make adjustments to your individual plan.

Our backend processes are custom-built based on a set of tools that follows OpenSource principles. Also, our business processes are largely disclosed and we would gladly discuss any details and improvements with you personally.

We do not offer bulk discounts.