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Do you use WordPress? Even the best websites suffer a whole range of fixable problems

Malware, hackers, irregular backups, absentee webmasters, leaked credentials, overloaded servers, inexperienced administrator, failed plugins, spam, outdated software, low storage space, non-compliant logs

Malware, hackers, irregular backups, absentee webmasters,  leaked info, overloaded servers, inexperienced sys-admins, failed plugins, spam,  old software, low disc space, out-of-date log files...

WellPress helps...

Is your Wordpress setup also one of the many unmaintained websites in the Internet? Then you needlessly risk being target of automated attacks.

Getting hacked - in the worst cases - will result in: low reachability, low placement on search engine rankings, legal problems in terms of GDPR legislation. It will push away visitors and business, and it will hurt your website’s reputation, and professional brand.

WellPress Managed Wordpress Hosting will protect your site from hackers, malware, overloaded servers and a whole host of issues before a totally preventable problem ruins not only your day, but your business, too. WellPress is a pro-active, prevention-service which maintains your site, meaning you can rest easy.

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For Your client

We help your agency focus on your core business. Deliver client work continuously and smoothly to our managed infrastructures with the help of modern deployment systems. Make your hosting overhead predictable and calculable by relying on our professional backend.

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For Your business

We help your business run smoothly and efficiently with minimal of fuss in a secure environment. Don’t waste your valuable time on administrating your Wordpress hosting yourself. Don’t worry if you have done all the updates and backups. Optionally, see who visits your site with GDPR compliant statistics.

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For Your non-profit

WellPress can help your non-profit focus on your actual cause. By providing a low cost package of our hosting service, WellPress tries to help you make your mission heard. We can also provide complementary archive services for temporary projects – we know the needs of project based endeavours.

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Every account comes with

Speedy Personal Service

State of the art hardware

Daily Full Backups

Direct Support via Chat, Phone, or Email

All necessary Storage and Performance Resources

Sophisticated Automation and Security

WellPress will protect your site from malware, overloaded servers, and missed backups.

WellPress is a pro-active, prevention service which maintains your site for you to rest easy. We remember your updates, backups, and Wordpress security.

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Customer reviews

Doris Schmidt, Germany

WellPress has looked after my website giving me the time to focus on growing my business. I would highly recommend WellPress!

Architecture office, Belgium

WellPress helped migrate and modernize our office site. With their help we were able to free up one of our employees for our core business, rather than loosing time on hosting overhead.

Jaan Hooldus, Estonia

One day I received a message from my hoster, telling me that my site distributes spam and malware. WellPress helped me with the communication with the provider and with the removal of the damage. I took the hosting offer immediately afterwards.

Architecture School, Estonia

WellPress provide us continuously with reliable service for our non-profit site, and its annual relaunch. They help deliver our design changes smoothly and quickly.

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