Service Level Agreement

Agreement Overview

  1. This agreement exists between you, our client, and us as your service provider, for hosting and maintaining your WordPress site under the domain www.example.com
  2. This agreement can be changed if either you or we request so, and we both agree to the changes.
  3. Until a new agreement is confirmed, the previous agreement is in place.
  4. The service parameters specified below are our responsibility as long as you host your site with us.
  5. Unless we state otherwise, all the below services are included in your plan at no extra cost.

Regular services

Initial Setup
  1. We provide all regular services continuouslyto ensure the continued performance of the website.
  2. We initially migrate the site to our servers.
  3. If it is a new site, we create a new setup on our servers.
  4. We set up hosting-related DNS records for the domain through your DNS registry.
  5. As such we need access to your registry’s configuration interface.
  1. We provide you with two separate environments: production and stage.
  2. The production environment can be reached at www.example.com, and the stage environment at stage.www.example.com.
  3. Production runs your publicly accessible website.
  4. Stage is considered a transitory sandbox you can use to test out new designs, functionality, or content.
  5. Both environments share the same virtual server but have separate file and directory structures, and separate databases.
  6. We create and manage SSL certificates for both the production and the stage domains.
  1. In order to complete maintenance work, we have full access to your virtual server instance, and we can manage all the files and databases on the server.
  2. We update operating systems, themes, and plugins at least once a week.
  3. We will do our best to fix bugs related to updates.
  4. If it is not obvious whether a bug is introduced by an update or by an interaction between your site’s custom functionality, a plugin, or a theme, we will do our best to fix the bug or help you plan a way out of the situation.
  5. We create incremental backups of all data and database snapshots nightly during the lifetime of your contract with us.
  6. If you need to restore or download a certain backup, let us know and we will provide you with this free of extra charge.
  7. We ensure no malware or other malicious code is running on your site by scanning the site daily with the help of an external service.
  8. We continuously check the status of the virtual server and the accessibility of your site.
  9. Monthly uptime monitoring statistics help you and us understand how well the site is running.
Client support
  1. If you have any problems, questions, or suggestions, you can best reach us at contact@whellpress.com or via any other provided support channel.
  2. We respond to your messages as soon as possible, and no later than two business days.
  3. In addition to troubleshooting and fixing any problems related to our hosting service, we will always try to advise you and give you our opinions about how to move forward on topics related to software development and design, based on the experience we have through our network of partners and clients.

Excluded services

  1. The following list is not exhaustive but gives you an idea of the limits of our service:
  1. Modifying the layout, styles, or functions of a theme or plugin;
  2. Adjusting any WordPress core or plugin configuration beyond the initial setup;
  3. Updating or adding site content (static pages, company information, personal information, postings, media, etc.).

Force Majeure

  1. In order to prevent a gridlock situation if we become unavailable, we provide a registered ssh key pair and the necessary access details that you can use to access the user account on the virtual server.
  2. We also offer the option of sending backup snapshots to your own IT resources.


  1. The monthly cost of our hosting plan is €40 for business clients and €20 for non-profits, excluding taxes.
  2. The first month is free for all plans.
  3. We will bill you for the first time at the beginning of the annual billing period one month after concluding this agreement and every twelve months thereafter.
  4. We will send you a reminder two weeks before the beginning of the next billing period.
  5. We expect payments to be transferred in 14 days after you receive our invoice at the latest.


  1. If you want to cancel our agreement, simply write us an email.
  2. Once any imposed regulation deadline passes, we will delete all the remaining data from your account.
  3. The contract renews automatically if you do not cancel it between receiving the reminder of the next payment and the actual invoice date.
  4. I you want to cancel our agreement, simply write us an email.
  5. Any fees paid are non-refundable.
  6. If you or we fail to comply with this agreement, we can cancel the agreement without prior notice.
  7. For us this includes failing to deliver the service to your satisfaction or in the time we have agreed upon.
  8. For you this includes failing to pay within 30 days of receiving an invoice.
  9. We both agree that no financial indemnity will apply after the contract ends.

Place of jurisdiction

  1. In the case of disagreement, Estonian law applies and Tallinn courts are competent.
  2. The agreement is valid from yyyy-mm-dd